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IP PA systems, broadcasting background music or o activating emergency alarms. IP intercoms at any distance, integration with control applications can be incorporated into IP PBX.

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Alphatech NUDV Door Entry Phone 1 button( NUDV-01)

Manufacturer: ALPHATECH

Avanzada 7 code: 0060700560047

Manufacturer SKU: 212101

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  • Alphatech NUDV Door Entry Phone Station 1 button.

    Alphatech NUDV Door Entry Phone Station to use with analog line. Modular system allows to connect 1 to 64 buttons. Up to two 16-digit numbers, including “ r ”, “ # ”, Pause and Flash in tone dialing, can be programmed to each button. The universality lies in possibility to connect this guard to an internal line of your branch exchange regardless to type and producer of this exchange (analog line).

    3 Models:

    • NUDV - 00 : The basic guard module is supplied either without button, or
    • NUDV - 01 : Guard module with one button, or
    • NUDV - 02 : Guard module with two buttons.

    Further the whole system allows to be enlarged by NC-mod4 and NM-mod4 modules up to 64 buttons using the basic mechanical. The whole assembly can be completed with cover frame or rainprotective canopy.

    The guard is supplied from branch exchange line – remind a loud telephone. The basic  features include the possibility to open up to two doors by means of connected electrical locks

    •     Connection to an extension analog line of any PBX
    •     Voice communication via an analog line
    •     IP42 rating
    •     Modular system allows to connect 1 to 64 buttons
    •     Voice communication is supplied from a telephone line only
    •     Impulse and tone dialing (DTMF)
    •     Two 16-digit numbers with each button (including *, #, Flash and Pause)
    •     Day/night switching
    •     Possibility of call extension by * or # choice
    •     Possible to connect two independent locks for door opening
    •     Two codes for hanging up the door phone by telephone
    •     Two codes for door opening from telephone
    •     Possibility to connect a numerical keyboard with Six code locks (password from buttons at the door)
    •     Keyboard mode - either direct dialing or dialing from memory
    •     Optional number of rings before answering an incoming call
    •     Integrated heating of printed circuit
    •     Permanent lighting through visiting cards
    •     Earthing outlet for better protection against static electricity
    • Numbers of buttons1 button
    • AnalogPossibility to connect this guard to an internal line of your PBX
    • Relay numberTwo rele connected up to two electrcal locks.

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