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IP PA systems, broadcasting background music or o activating emergency alarms. IP intercoms at any distance, integration with control applications can be incorporated into IP PBX.

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Alphatech Slim IP01 SIP Doorphone with 1 button

Manufacturer: ALPHATECH

Avanzada 7 code: 0060660560001

Manufacturer SKU: 213201

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  • Alphatech IPDP01 (SIP 1 button)

    We congratulate you on purchase of “DoorPhone VoIP” (VoIP = Voice over IP), which is the improved version of successful “New DoorPhone” (NUDV). This DoorPhone VoIP will widely manage to satisfy your needs of communication with persons at the building front door or your company entry, or family house doorway. The universality lies in possibility to connect this guard to an Ethernet network or VoIP exchange or directly to SIP server through internet conection.

    The basic DoorPhone VoIP module (IPDP-00) is supplied without button. The next version of basic VoIP module (IPDP-00C) is with integrated colour camera. The buttons modules are connected to basic module (IPDP-00 or IPDP-00C) and they are manufactured with 1, 2 or 4 buttons with Ethernet connection (IPNC1-mod, IPNC2-mod, IPNC4-mod). Further the whole system allows to be enlarged by NC-mod4 and NM-mod4 modules up to 64 buttons using the basic mechanical MK1...MK4 units. The whole assembly can be completed with cover frame or rain-protective case for flash or surface instalation.The last optional module is Keypad (NKLA).

    The Doorphone is supplied from AC/DC powersupply 12V or receives power through the PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology. No additional cabling fot power is therefore necessary.The basic features include the possibility to open up to two doors by means of connected electrical locks (the buttons can be used for door code opening). IPDP is configured over an integrated web server, which can be controlled from any web browser, e.g., IE, Mozilla Firefox. 


    • Camerano
    • Numbers of buttons1
    • Antivandalno
    • SIPsi
    • Analogno

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