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IP PA systems, broadcasting background music or o activating emergency alarms. IP intercoms at any distance, integration with control applications can be incorporated into IP PBX.

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IP Door Phone Intercom IPDP Antivandal

Avanzada 7 code: 0060660560004

Manufacturer SKU: 214100

Producto descatalogado
  • IP Door Phone Intercom IPDP Antivandal (IPDP-00 AV)

    VoIP Door phone is a complete door entry solution based on IP communication.

    The connection via SIP P2P protocol to different IP systems or LAN makes it very attractive for all company sizes. Audio via SIP gives many opportunities of practical use - in private sector and also for security purposes. Programming, maintenance and firmware upgrade is done through included web server. The unit is reachable from any place around the world easily.

    · Modular system allows to connect 1 to 64 buttons
    · Two 16-digit numbers (IP address) with each button
    · Possible to connect two independent locks for door opening
    · Two codes for hanging up the unit from telephone
    · Two codes for door opening from telephone
    · Six code locks (password from buttons at the door)
    · Possibility to connect a numerical keyboard (can include 4-18 standard buttons)
    · Integrated heating of printed circuit
    · Ethernet – 10/100Mb with standard 10BaseT a 100BaseTx
    · Web server for remote configuration – BOA
    · Operating system – Linux 2.6
    · SIP connection P2P or PBX network system
    · WEB – firmware upgradeable
    · WEB – interface for control and setup parameters

    · IPDP-00 – basic module without button (only audio)
    · IPDP-00C – basic module with integrated camera
    · IPNC1,C2,C4 – additional button module with 1,2, or 4 buttons
    · IPDP-K – additional module with numeral keypad

    · Cases for surface mounted
    · Cases for embedded mounted
    · Module with labels for companies names


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