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IP PA systems, broadcasting background music or o activating emergency alarms. IP intercoms at any distance, integration with control applications can be incorporated into IP PBX.

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Cyberdata VoIP Paging Amplifier V2

Manufacturer: CYBERDATA

Avanzada 7 code: 0060660200043

Manufacturer SKU: 011324

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  • Cyberdata Amplificador Paging V2 - Model011324

    The new Cyberdata SIP-enabled PAging Amplifier provides an easy method for implementing a loud IP-based overhead paging system for loud areas, warehouses, manufacturing areas, and outdoor areas.

    Now with up to 9 user-stored messages and 25 watts of driving power (802.3at) the amplifier provides direct drive of up two 8 ohm horns.

    The interface is compatible with most SIP-based IP PBX serves that comply with the SIP RFC 3261. For non-SIP environments, the Paging Amplifier can be configured to listen to multicast address and port number combinations to forma paging zones.

    Key features

    • SIP Enhanced interoperability for hosted environments
    • Support for G.722 codecs
    • 802.11q VLAN tagging
    • Configurable event generation for device health and status monitoring
    • Optional direct connect RGB strobe kit connection
    • 9 user-uploadable page messages
    • 10 puertos prioritarios de multidifusión
    • Cisco SRST
    • PoE 802.3at and 802.3af enabled
    • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
    • SIP and simultaneous multicast
    • DTMF controlled relay
    • Autoprovisioning via HTTPS
    • Can support two horns (not included)
    • AntivandalNo
    • SIPSIP RFC 3261
    • Relay numberDTMF controlled relay
    • Additional featuresCan support two horns (Not included)
    • Additional featuresSupport for G.722 codecs
    • Additional features802.11q VLAN tagging

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