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IP PA systems, broadcasting background music or o activating emergency alarms. IP intercoms at any distance, integration with control applications can be incorporated into IP PBX.

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Cyberdata call button

Manufacturer: CYBERDATA

Avanzada 7 code: 0060660200015

Manufacturer SKU: 011049

Unidades en la cesta: 0

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  • SIP-based Call Button
    This device is mounted under a desk or in a discrete location. If an event takes place, the user depresses the button. The Call Button automatically makes a call to a pre-set phone or extension number. When the called number answers, the Call Button plays and repeats a stored audio file. This stored audio file is uploaded by the administrator to meet the needs to the installed location.

    * User downloadable message up to 80 seconds
    * Single button call to pre-set number
    * Continuous repeat of message
    * Call progress light
    * Event-controlled relay
    * Tamper sensor
    * Web-based setup
    * PoE-powered

    Use areas include:
    * Classrooms
    * Banks or financial institutions
    * Court rooms
    * Front lobby reception areas


    • CameraNO
    • Numbers of buttons1 (con indicador luminoso)
    • AntivandalSensor Antisabotaje
    • SIP1 cuenta SIP
    • Relay number1 (1 Amperio en 30VDC)

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