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Khomp UMG Modular 300 - 00/00/00

Manufacturer: KHOMP

Avanzada 7 code: 0030321090001

Manufacturer SKU: UMG Modular 300 - 00/00/00

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  • Khomp UMG Modular 300 - 00/00/00

    The UMG Modular 300 Gateway is an ideal device for small and medium-sized companies that seek to implement the benefits of VoIP telephony in their working rhythm and integrate it with the links: E1/T1, GSM 2 G and 3G, FXS and or FXO. In this way, interconnection can be made between digital, analog, mobile and IP networks on the same telephony platform.

    The UMG Modular 300 has the capacity to process up to 46 simultaneous calls, divided into 3 slots for any combination between existing telephony interfaces. In addition, a VoIP channel can be added for each selected channel.

    It connects to a maximum of 2 different VoIP operators, which allows redirecting calls to lower cost routes, whether national or international calls. This reduces spending with telephony at much lower values than conventional rates.

    With the UMG Modular 300 you can connect analog telephones and / or IP telephones to an IP PBX solution. In this way, a series of additional functionalities are added with respect to a conventional PBX. Among the possibilities of use of the UMG Modular 300 are the interconnection of the extensions of the matrix and the subsidiaries of the company, anywhere in the world. Thus, the units can make calls to each other through the Internet without cost, among many other advantages.


    • Corporate use: ideal for routing calls between the parent company and subsidiaries through the IP network
    • Use in VoIP operators indicated for delivery to their subscribers
    • Reorientation of calls to lower cost routes
    • Call routing by prefix
    • Operator loyalty

    Key features

    • 3 slots for the desired combination of:
      • 1E1 / T1 (30 channels)
      • 2GSM (up to 6 GSM channels), which can be:
        • 2G Quad Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
        • 3G Six Band: 800/850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
      • 4FXO (up to 12 FXO)
      • 8 FXS (up to 24 FXS)
    • A maximum of 46 channels per product
    • 2 puertas Ethernet Giga
    • Connection with up to 2 different VoIP operators
    • Up to 10 VoIP accounts
    • 57 VoIP channels
    • OLED graphic display that allows the monitoring of important equipment information (optional)
    • Easy-to-use web interface for configuration, monitoring and diagnosis
    • Compatibility with  R2, ISDN, and SIP
    • Compatibility with SNMP
    • Compatibility with G.711 (A-law y u-law), G.729A and T.38 (fax)
    • Customizable CDR ticketing
    • FXO ports4 FXO (up to 12 FXO)
    • FXS ports8 FXS (Up to 24 FXS)
    • GSM ports 2 GSM (up to 6 GSM channels) that can be: - 2G Quad Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz - 3G Six Band: 800/850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
    • PRI ports1 E1 / T1 (30 channels)
    • Additional features57 VoIP channels
    • Gigabit2 puertos Ethernet Giga
    • DisplayOLED graphic display that allows the supervision of the important information of the equipment (optional)
    • Additional featuresCompatibility with R2 signs. ISDN and SIP
    • FAX codecT.38

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